We help Business Owners to achive their targets

Power TerraOrganics was founded in 2014 with the scope to support companies with their market entry into European, Middle East, Asian and USA market.

Via our offices in Europe, India, Australia and USA we have created a networking platform for international customers seeking to expand their market potential.

Working with us will have access to all the necessary know-how and expertise that is necessary to succeed in all this attractive and demanding markets.




Founder and CEO




Gert has more than a decade of leadership experience in general management, business development, sales&marketing, consulting and entrepreneurship in Europa, ASIA and USA, with focus on renewable energy. photovoltaic-power electronics and mechanical structures.

His business leadership is approached based on the integration of strategic orientation and daily operational execution for photovoltaic- energy, automotive and industrial power-generation, power-electronic,  products. 

Gert led´s successfull organizational change and business transformation, initiated expansion into new market segments around to world.

Gert holds a masters degree in Electronic´s & International Business Management  and Development from Nürnberg G. Simon Ohm (FH) University in Germany.